• Giant - Chained
    Giant circa 1992, from our record on Epic, "Time To Burn". Dann Huff and I wrote it along with Alan Pasqua and for me it's one of the band's high points. Weighing in at over seven minutes, it's an epic slab of rock grandeur. Note: the intro has a long fade in.
  • Giant - Promise Land
    The title cut from Giant circa 2010, with the new line-up of Terry Brock on vocals and John Roth on guitars. Produced by Giant's original rhythm section, me and David Huff, and released on Rome Italy based Frontiers Records.
  • Amy Grant - Find What You're Looking For
    In 2009 I had an opportunity to co-produce some songs for Amy Grant with my long-time friend Greg Morrow. Among the tracks we cut was "Find", a beautifully stark example of Amy Grant's songwriting skills. Released in 2010 on "Somewhere Down The Road" on Sparrow Records, it reveals an artist unafraid to explore the bittersweet truths of life.
  • Blake Shelton - God Gave Me You
    This number-one song for Blake Shelton had the 1-2 punch of a great song by Dave Barns, and a killer vocal by Blake. Topped off with Scott Hendricks' production this record was undeniable. And we had a lot of fun tracking it...
  • Lynyrd Skynyrd - Homegrown
    Lynyrd Skynyrd from the "Last of A Dying Breed" record, released in 2013. I'd always been a fan of the band and when I got an opportunity to play on the record it was a real treat. We spent a week cutting the tracks and the guys repeatedly demonstrated why they've rocked so long. They can write 'em, they can sing' em, and they can play 'em. Last of a dying breed, indeed.