I’ve always liked the idea of a ‘fun’ band- a band that played strictly for the fun of it, never mind the money. An eight-piece horn band is a great place to start for non-money making band configurations, and that’s what Grooveyard is. It fills a musical spot for me that I don’t get anywhere else.

Featuring John Cowan on vocals, Grooveyard is Reese Wynans on keyboards, Greg Morrow drums, Pat Buchanan guitar, and the Musk Horns, Steve Herrman trumpet, Jim Hoke reed instruments, and Chris West on tenor sax. For ten years the tenor chair belonged to Dennis Taylor, a gifted musician and a beautiful human being who passed suddenly in 2010. We salute Dennis at every gig…

Grooveyard plays old school soul as faithfully as we know how. Al Green, Marvin Gaye, Staple Singers, performed simply and unadorned; no ‘club-band’ standards allowed.

The band is a bunch of seasoned vets with impeccable pedigrees: Reese Wynans is a long time alum of Stevie Ray Vaughn’s Double Trouble, Pat Buchanan, alum of Hall & Oats, Cameo and Cindy Lauper, Greg Morrow, Dixie Chicks, Sheryl Crow, studio vet, John Cowan, lead singer of the ground-breaking New Grass Revival, now tours with the Doobie Brothers. The Musk Horns all have busy session careers and tour with Kenny Chesney, Delbert McClinton and others. In 2005 Grooveyard went into the studio over a long weekend and recorded a sampling of our set, “Lost Weekend”. It’s an excellent snapshot of the band capturing the spontaneity, grit and immediacy of the band. And above all, the fun.

The Grooveyard CD “Lost Weekend” is available to fans. Drop me a note.