Guitar virtuoso Dann Huff and keyboardist Alan Pasqua founded GIANT in 1988. David Huff and I were asked to join in 1989 and immediately began work on our first record “Last of the Runaways”, released in 1990 on A&M Records. It yielded the singles “I’m A Believer” and “I’ll See You in my Dreams”, a top ten hit in 1990. We toured the US and Europe extensively, opening for Whitesnake, Heart, Bryan Adams and others. In 1992 we released our second record “Time To Burn” for Epic Records, which included “Chained” my favorite Giant song.

The group disbanded in 1993, but continued making records for the Italian label Frontiers Records. “Giant III” was released in 2007 followed by “Promise Land” in 2010 with the new line-up of John Roth on guitars and Terry Brock on vocals.

Giant lived during the video era and we were fortunate to work with creative video teams at both our record labels, A&M and Epic.

GIANT "I'll See You In My Dreams" GIANT "I'm a Believer" GIANT ‘I’ll See You In My Dreams’ Live and ruff in Amsterdam 1992 GIANT ‘I’m A Believer’ Live at the Town and Country club, London 1990 GIANT ‘Innocent Days’ GIANT ‘Innocent Days’ Live GIANT "Promise Land" GIANT "Stay"

A few notes about these videos:

The extra guitarist in the “Stay” and “I’ll See You In My Dreams LIVE” video is Mark Oakley, who toured with the band for the whole voyage. In addition to being an incredible guitarist, he is a successful songwriter in Nashville, penning the Reba McEntire number one song “Heard It On The Radio”.

The live videos at the Town and Country Club in London and the De Melkweg Club in Amsterdam are rough, but give a pretty good feel for what we were doing in those days. We always loved touring Europe; the crowds were second to none and we made some great friendships along the way.

“Promise Land” is our video companion to the 2010 release on Frontiers Record by the same name, with the new line-up of Terry Brock on vocals and John Roth on guitar.

I’ll always have fond memories of the five years we put into GIANT. It was a fantastic experience working closely with Dann Huff and the rest of the band, traveling the world playing rock & roll. Dann and David Huff have since become busy record producers and I continue to work with them playing bass on various projects. Alan lives in LA where he continues his solo and studio career.