Amy Grant

Amy Grant is the reason I moved to Nashville. And that move from Memphis to Nashville marked the beginning of what has turned into a thirty-year studio career.

I first met Amy while I was touring with Memphis-based DeGarmo and Key, Christian music’s groundbreaking rock band. She needed a band for some concerts she had booked and D&K were asked to do the dates. Her management also wanted to record the shows and sent her producer, Brown Bannister, to oversee the operation. Still living in Memphis, I had been trying to start my session career for several years, but with limited success. I was eager to meet this Bannister guy and pick his brain for tips on how to get things kick-started.

Turns out, we hit it off. He invited me to Nashville to record his solo record, which led to a string of records with Amy (Age To Age, Lead Me On, Straight Ahead) and dozens of other CCM artists (Michael W Smith, Steven Curtis Chapman, The Imperials). Those ground-breaking records led to opportunities in country music, which led to my friendship with Dann Huff, which led to a five-year run in the band Giant, which led to where I am now; right in the heart of the studio scene, still loving every minute of it.

Since those first shows in Tulsa we’ve shared births, deaths, marriages, made a ton of great music, toured the world together, and had many laughs. I’m grateful she is still in my life. In many ways I owe my studio career to Amy- because of the chance she took thirty years ago on an unknown and unproven bass player from Memphis.